Is selling out the new keeping it real?

Are you able to see the online coaching world for what it really is?  

Have you had time to take a step back?

Feels oddly familiar. Just rewind your life about fifteen to twenty years (maybe more for some of you 🙂 ).

Yes I’m talking about high school. That confusing time in our life.  

When we were trying to fit in somewhere. Wanting to be accepted. Doing just about anything to be liked. Compromising your values, what you really believed in, all to just to be a part of that crowd that had the ultimate influence.

The ultimate image.

The ultimate prestige.  

Everyone at some point (unless you were one of those cool kids) got sucked into the black hole.  The cool kids had a sneaky way of making you feel like your life was shit, and if you wanted to “be somebody” that you had to be exactly like them. These were the jocks, the cheerleaders, the “hot” girls, and the “handsome” guys.  Well guess what?

It is literally the exact same way in the online coaching world.



It seems like the more Instagram followers you have, or the amount of youtube subscribers, or facebook likes, and twitter retweets, the more credibility you have. These are the coaches that post their latest photo of their green juice and have ten thousand likes.  

The comments below are as follows.  

“Oh my god green juice is so amazing!”

“You are so amazing!”

“Your life is so amazing!”  

Then they proceed to put out some generic course that is just like all the other packaged bullshit that you can find online and they have a ten million dollar launch.  

Since when does popularity equal credibility?  

Oh that’s right.  

Back to high school again. Ya’ll know the people I am referring to. The ones whose hair always seem to be perfect and makeup on point in every single photo. The photos where food looks like it was prepared by a Michelin star chef.

Not real. None of it.

All of it is beautifully designed to have you wanting to be idolize, adore, rave, and ultimately hate yourself for not being like them.

Don’t like what I’m saying?

Ask yourself how do you feel after spending hours combing through your favorite “guru’s” Instagram page?

Good about yourself?


Inadequate? Most likely yes.

You could have someone out there putting out the best content, the best podcast, the best digital programs but they have a much smaller following.

For the sake of this analogy, we will call these coaches the “outcasts.”  

They really don’t fit into any specific group.  They aren’t trying to be like anyone else, imitate anyone else, follow any sort of formula, or act like they are on some unattainable level.  

Unfortunately, what that does is it keeps them from being able to reach a large audience with their content.  

For lack of a better term, these people haven’t “sold out” yet to have the crazy level of fame and fortune.

They don’t want to kiss ass to get to the top.  

They are more focused on delivering a good service, and having quality content, and a solid character, rather than a big bank account and popularity.  

They could care less what other people think of them.  

They are extremely happy doing what they do and they don’t need any recognition from anyone else to know that they are amazing.

The opposite of these types of coaches would be in the category of the “wannabes.”  These are the coaches that are trying to keep up with everyone else. They are trying to mimic the top coaches out there to achieve the same results as them, in order to have the star status.  

In order to be liked. To be relevant.

They follow these top coaches around like my Golden Retriever, Laney follows me around ALL DAY and do everything that they say.  

They buy all their formulaic programs and waste thousands of dollars on nonsense for promises of a pipe dream.  


The ability to travel the world, live on a beach with your laptop and make millions of dollars without having to work too hard.  Then they wonder why they aren’t getting anywhere.  These courses actually have little value and are just a marketing scheme designed to keep these people in their position, and the “cool kids” in their position.

If you want to sell your soul and have no identity this is the perfect option for you. 

What these coaches don’t realize is you can be yourself, have your own style, have your own way of doing things and you can still be liked.  

You still have the ability to be relevant and give valuable content.  

More importantly, you can still make money.

There is no formula to be an entrepreneur. It’s about taking risks. Being bold. Not following a crowd.  

Not following a formula.  

If success was guaranteed, like these top coaches are promising and it was so “easy” everyone would do it.

The fact is, it’s going to take hard work, sleepless nights, trial and and error, mostly error, before you get anywhere at all.

Don’t buy into the bullshit.

It’s not real.

Make your own lane. Do your own thing. Don’t be like everyone else.

That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about.

This isn’t about blaming anyone at all. My question to you is, have you done the work that it takes for you to really understand who YOU are as a person? Have you figured out YOUR core values and how YOU want to run your business and your life? Or are you waiting on some guru to give you permission to go be yourself?

You can keep waiting OR you can set up a 20 minute chat with one of the best people that I know (me) who will help you be true to you and only you. 

Don’t be a sell out.

We’re not in high school anymore. 



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