Remember There Is More


Disclaimer: This post pertains to all people, regardless of religious affiliation. For that reason, “Higher Being”, “God”, “Universe”, etc. will be used interchangeably.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s not only easy—but common—to get hung up on the small things. We get so caught up micromanaging our schedules and worrying about all of the facets of life that we’ll never have control over until we’re blue in the face and drowning in a toxic sea of stress.

Yet we seem to so easily forget that stress is an internal conversation that we create within ourselves. The truth is that we possess both the power and control to handle our stress productively. If we choose to do so, our stress can impact our lives in meaningful—rather than hindering—ways.

However, we often do not do this, and therefore find ourselves stuck. When this happens, where do we turn? Do we cope by adding another seven things to our to-do lists, or do we look within ourselves and channel the Spirit that has always existed within us? Our answer to this question can make all the difference. And, while some of us may be more spiritual than others, it is never too late to begin that journey to become one with the Spirit.

By living with a special consciousness of the Universe, we can begin to reclaim our lives. When we learn to stop and take a break from this crazy world for at least a few minutes each day in order to peer inside ourselves, we’ll learn to remain aware of a Higher Being and let that Spirit continually envelope our lives.

When we do so, we acknowledge that there is something out there much greater than us. We remember that we are not in this world alone, and that, ultimately, a bigger picture exists that is absolutely stunning. We’d be foolish not to take the time to admire its beauty on our own journeys.