the beauty of pushing the refresh button

I’m on the plane flying to JFK from LA. I had a beautiful time staying in Manhattan Beach and meeting up with some old, and getting to know some new friends. I was in LA for one of the biggest opportunities up until this point on my life’s path.

And, as you may or may not know…the bigger the game you’re playing, the louder the chatter, and the more stubborn your ego will persist to keep you small and scared.

Yup. That’s what the past 10 days have been like. As I move into my power and stand firmly each and everyday, i attract new and life-affirming opportunities that blow my mind..and my chatter seems to get louder and louder.

This ego of mine (oh sweet ego), also known to me as my “Little Vasavi” is beyond scared straight. She’s about 7 years old, huge smile, big laugh, and a deep rooted fear that I, also known as “Adult Vasavi” will leave her for something better. Or worse, that I could care less that she even exists.

Confession: sometimes i forget she’s there.

Sometimes, I tell her to be quiet and just let me be so I can go “do my thing.” I can feel her tugging at me asking me to stop working so I can pay attention to HER just for one minute, or if I can take her to the park with my dog, or if I could please just pee when I need to pee instead of holding on so I can feverishly finish…typing…one….last..sentence.

What she taught me in LA has completely shifted my relationship to her. Let me tell you, she is one smart cookie. She was literally inside my head (literally) constantly reminding me not to forget to be kind to myself, to remember to eat on time, to stay humble, to take a break, and most importantly, to take her wherever I go.

And, every time I ignored her, she got louder and tried to get sassy with me. “Oh, who do you think you are?” “Do you really think you have what it takes?” “Damn right you should be nervous..” And on and on she went.

That annoying, nagging voice inside of your head..the chatter, the fear, the self doubt…is actually the smartest and the only voice you need to pay attention to.

Here’s the catch, if you listen to it and hear what your “Little one” needs, what you’ll learn is underneath all of that fear and self-doubt there is a tiny voice saying “Please don’t leave me behind. I know you want to go off and do bigger things..but just don’t leave me.”

Now, this was my experience, and you will probably have your own special experience.

But know this: your fear and your self-doubt- is none other than YOU. And you have no reason to be afraid…of you.

Refresh your relationship with your ego. Be free.

Ultimately, what I keep learning over and over again, is that I am the SOURCE of my success. All of it. I am the SOURCE of every experience that I have, every feeling that I have, every breakdown, and every breakthrough.

I want the same for you. I want you to see, feel, and believe on a cellular level that you are the SOURCE of your success. Because really, you are. You can start by checking out my free mindset training videos that I’ve created just for you here:

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