Keepin’ It Real: How to bounce back from stressful events

Before you read any further, I just have to share what’s going. I have been taking a 10,000 ft. view of my business and life and have come to the realization that it’s time for restructuring. This is a very exciting place for me right now because I’m a firm believer that in order to expand, sometimes, we just gotta let some stuff go and be willing to try new things out. 

Ok back to today’s Keepin’ It Real:

Do you wanna know what sets apart those who succeed and those who just coast along?

The ability to bounce back.

Specifically, the ability to bounce BACK from rejection, so-called failures, betrayals, and everyday stuff that happens. As someone who openly shares her falls in life, I have a ton of experience with falling and bouncing back. Now in the beginning, my bounce-back muscle wasn’t as strong as it is now. It’s taken years of making mistakes, dealing with rejection, and broken relationships that have truly trained me to become the warrior that I am. Which leads me to today’s Keepin’ It Real video. I received a question from a woman named Erin about this exact topic: How to bounce back.

I did some research and found an excellent article over at The Daily Muse that answered Erin’s question perfectly.










It’s an important topic because as I said before, the ability to bounce BACK is what sets apart those who achieve success in their life as opposed to people who simply coast along and spend their life “wishing” and “hoping” for luck to happen. Way to often I hear, “Vasavi, I can’t move forward because I’m stuck” or “I’m afraid to do XYZ.” When you exercise your bounce back muscle, NOTHING can stop you- not your fear, not other people’s perceptions, not yourself-doubt- NOTHING.

When you get your bounce back, NOTHING can stop you. (click to tweet)

After you finishing watching today’s videos, I’d love for you to share in the discussion below:

What have you had to bounce back from? And, how did you do it?

Thank you so much for being a part of this community and until next time,

Keep it real 😉 Vasavi

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