Keepin’ It Real: Have you outgrown your friends?

Over the past 10 years, I have probably ended four friendships that at one point I thought were for sure going to be lifelong relationships. I was wrong. Turns out that not everyone wants to go on the same path as you. And, over the years I have also come to accept that that is A-OK. Have you ever had a friendship that fizzled? Maybe it’s because they lost interest or didn’t want to continue to put in the effort to nurture the relationship? Or, maybe it was because you started to become interested in others things and simply outgrew one another?










The people that I was friends with maybe 10 years ago are no longer my friends now.

Nothing bad happened, but it’s exactly what we’re talking about here. I outgrew them. It doesn’t make me better than them its just a part of life. On today’s Keepin’ It Real I received a question from Elizabeth, a young woman who is fiercely dedicated to her personal growth and in the process leaving some of her friends behind.It can get very lonely. Trust me, I’ve been there.

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Have you ever outgrown your friends?

How did you deal with that?

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