Your struggle will help you find your “specialness”

Have you ever had to struggle or hustle in your life?  In what area?  For how long?  

In the entrepreneurial world these two words (struggle and hustle) usually carry a negative connotation around them.  A lot of the courses out there are preaching a less work more money attitude. 

Some people when they start their own business are looking for a get rich quick scheme.  They would like to think it takes less work to have your own business, make money online, and sit back and collect passive income while they sleep.

I’m not saying this isn’t possible.

However, in order to get to this point it does take massive amount of work, dedication, and a period of time where you might not be making much money at all.

Don’t be discouraged by this fact.

Guess what?  Everyone has that fire inside of them.  

The hustle.  

The grind.  

The struggle.

The way that you choose to look at these words are going to determine how you are going to face challenges when wanting to start a business, or when you face challenges in your life.

This is going to look different for everyone depending on the type of struggles you have faced in your life.  Do you remember a time when it was difficult to make ends meet?  What did you do in this situation?  Did you give up?  

the struggle is real and it's what makes your special


Guess what?  It’s ok if you gave up at some point in your life.  Nobody is perfect.  This is not an excuse to keep making mistakes when things aren’t going your way.  In fact it’s quite the opposite.  You want to learn from those mistakes.  Rise up from them.

You can look at your mistakes in one of two ways. 

Beat yourself up about them constantly, or view them as a learning experience.

We all know the latter is a better choice.

So here’s what you do.

When you start to see things aren’t going exactly as planned how are you going to react?  Look back at your past experiences that are similar to the hardship that you are currently facing.  What did you do in those situations?  What did you do right? What did you do wrong?  

Then you dig down deep inside yourself.

Find that hustle in your heart.  Listen to that voice that’s telling you that you can accomplish anything, even though you may have failed in the past.  

Do whatever it takes.

Don’t give up.

Even if you think you aren’t making headway at first if you keep plugging away day by day, you will see results.  Go to bed at night knowing you did everything you could to face your current challenge in life.  

Use your past experiences with having to struggle as your greatest asset. 

Think if it as your wisdom.

Use it to face and overcome new challenges in your life instead of using it as an excuse.  It’s not too difficult.  Nothing is impossible. Honestly, the more you struggle the more you learn and the more you will easily overcome adversity in your life.

This ability to use your unique  experiences to overcome your life challenges is what makes you special.

Once again, everyone’s experiences are different and the way you overcome might be different from the next person.  

This doesn’t make it wrong. It’s makes it unique.


So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed, or like something is too intense or that you can’t handle it. Remember this:

You have that special something that will always be with you no matter what. #imsospecial @askvasavi (click to tweet)

Use it to your advantage.


It’s easy to not recognize our struggle as the very thing that will set us apart. That makes us special. 

I want to give you simple and actionable steps that you can take for the week ahead for you to harness your struggle and uncover your true “specialness.”

I want you to be able to tell yourself every single day #imsospecial because…(fill in the black)

This week, make a list of all the things that you feel have happened to you. The things that you perceive as struggles in your life. Then I want you to write down the life lessons that you have learned as a result of those struggles. Ultimately, I want you to see that your struggles didn’t “happen to you,” rather, they happened FOR YOU.

Here’s the truth of the matter. When you start to shift from “this happened to me” to “OMG, NOW I see why I was given these set of struggles, you’ll start to appreciate your hardships as your greatest teacher.

This exercise can be difficult at first and that’s OK. Hop on the phone with me and let’s figure it out together. You deserve to be free from pain and to begin to appreciate your specialness. Click here to schedule some time for yourself with me. Also, one of my other favorite ways to communicate with you is to hear from you via email. Be sure to subscribe below so we can do just that.