Keepin’ It Real: How to detach from money

Since the time I was kid, my parents drilled into my head to never chase after money. My father always said, “Be of service and money will follow.” What I am learning more and more about myself is that the less I worry about money, the more it flows into my life. The less I worry, the more mental space I have to create programs and services that will help people move forward in their lives. It wasn’t always that easy. I would often find myself scratching my head wondering, where is the money going to come from? It was quite the paradox.

On the outward, I seemed to have it all together, but my bank account was a hot mess. HOT MESS. My self-worth was wrapped around how much money I made (or didn’t make). I mean, come one now. My mother is a doctor (how Indian of her) and my father is a CPA. Both in private practice. Both have worked their little brown butts off. The bar was set from a pretty young age. Needless to say, I lived a very abundant life. I got to travel all over the world from a very young age, meet people that I would not have typically had the chance to meet. But most importantly, like the thing I am most grateful for- is the opportunity to invest in myself through formal education, certifications, books, seminars, retreats, and mentors. I no longer view money as something that defines me. Rather, it is merely an expression of my work, creativity, and commitment to service. It’s taken consistent practice and discipline to get to this place.

Click play to learn the NUMBER ONE thing to focus on to detach from money.

Once you watch the video, I would love to hear: Are you funny about money? What were the messages you received as a kid? Was there not enough of it? Too much of it? Or, my favorite- was it wrong to want it if you were a spiritual or religious person?

Have a beautiful week and I’ll “see” you in the comments below!

Love, Vasavi

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