When is it the right time to let go of your past?

You wanna know what I’m sick and tired of? Talking about the past. I’m sick and tired of it because for so long that was ME. I spent most of my time asking “Why did this happen?” or “Why me?” It literally made me sick. And tired. So you see, this is why I keep it real. I keep it real because the way that I was able to move past my past was to be honest with myself and understand that there was absolutely nothing I could do about my past- that the only power that I had was to be focused on the NOW and move forward. And, that the one thing I had control over was HOW I related to my past. 

If you have ever found yourself living in the past, then this week’s Keepin’ It Real is for you. Nothing to be ashamed of. Like I said, it took me a very long time to move past my past.

It’s awesome what we can create when we truly let go of the stuff that holds us back.

Click play below to to get down with this week’s vintage Keepin’ It Real.   Once you’re finished watching, I would LOVE to hear your answer to this ONE question: What one thing from your past are you willing to let go of?” It’s a toughie but I have the confidence that you can move past your past. If I can do it, so can you. As always, thank you for being here.



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