Make a Wish! This is your life.

I never quite understood why I was given the life and the opportunities that I was given, when somewhere across the world, across the city, heck, even across the street, there is a woman (or man) with the same abilities and desires, and that for whatever reason, can’t seem to make his/her wishes come true. 

Do you remember when you were a kid and were told to make a wish right before you blew out your birthday candles? Or maybe when you were walking on the sidewalk you would see a bunch of dandelions and blow out the little furry things and make a wish? 

Remember when making a wish didn’t seem so silly and rather, just made sense because, as children we believed that anything was possible?

I do. 








And if you’re reading this email and nodding your head thinking “yup I remember” then keep reading because I’m sharing a way for you to keep wishing AND make it come true.  On May 18th, I will be turning 34! I’m leaving for Mexico on Monday to celebrate myself and as I was packing yesterday I kept thinking about how #blessed I am to have been able to come this far in such a short period of time. 

Now for those of you who feel like “my time has passed,” or “it’s too late for me to make my wishes come true,”—


Never stop wishing. 

Personally, I wish for things everyday.

And, I know I have the ability to bring those wishes to life. I know that you’re not supposed to say your wish out loud but I had to share with you what my one birthday wish is for this year.

I really want to help you make your wishes come true.

I want to show you that it’s not too late.

I want to work with you to prove you wrong. 

That you do have what it takes.

That you’re capable.

That you’re strong.

That what you’re made of is way more solid than what you’ve give yourself credit for. 

So here’s how I’m going to make my wish of making YOUR wishes come true.


1. Book a 90-minute “Make a Wish” session with me (Investment: $250). During our time together we will talk about one of your wishes that you want to move forward and start to bring to life. Your wish can be ANYTHING. My job is to help you get clear, focused, strategic, and in action. 





2. Once you sign up I will be gifting you my 5-week course The Art ofTaking Confident Action” ($197) which will 100% complement our 90-minute session to support you in getting clear, confident and in action.




36aac2_9803e7107b2d4452b0fe732fce9ab7ac3. For every 90-minute session that is booked I will be donating $50 to Jana Seva, Inc. This is very dear to my heart. My father, Shanti started this organization to help nurture and provide free education and healthcare to underprivileged children in rural India. If there is anything that I know to be true it’s that my duty in life is to pay forward all the benefits of what i have received to those who simply do not have ACCESS.

In helping you make your wishes come true, we can together pay it forward. 

Jump on my “make a wish” session and let’s pay it forward together by clicking the link below.
I sincerely hope and WISH that you take me up on this. It is never ever too late to keep wishing, hoping, and making your dreams come true.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, 

P.S. This chance to have a “Make a Wish” session with me, receive complimentary access to my course, The Art of Taking Confident Action, and pay it forward with Jana Seva foundation is only available until my birthday, May 18th.