if you’ve been meaning to start that business then this is for you….

You asked, I listened. 

Over the past four months I have worked with over 75 service based entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and monetize their gifts, under my “Rent Vasavi’s Brain” program.

I’ve been collecting data and paying close attention to the common themes and needs of every single one of my clients. The thing that sets apart those who choose to work with me 1:1 and those who don’t is finances.

I get it! And so without further ado, I’m introducing a five week program with you, me and 11 other service based entrepreneurs.

What’s this all about?

This is about getting clear about what YOU are REALLY good at. This is about setting the foundation for your business so that you’re not building something on faulty cement. This is about being asked the dreaded question, “What do you do?” and being able to answer as easily as if you would be telling someone your name.

This is about creativity, connection, and knowing who you are at the core so as to build your business and go out and sharing your with the right kind of people who can benefit from working with you. 

AND get paid.

And most importantly, this is about being YOU. Not some clone, and not some formulaic business model.

Here’s how it works:

There will be four 90-minute LIVE calls where I will be teaching, guiding, sharing my experiences, and ultimately getting you to the place where you know exactly what is your unique selling point. All calls with be at 2:30pm Eastern and also recorded if you cannot make the call live. The last call on June 7 will be an opportunity for you to ask me anything and everything about my business, your business, and unfinished business.

May 3: Your values, what matters to you, your belief systems >>> Your business message

May 10: The perfect person for you to work with >>> Your future client 

May 24: How you want to work with people, your programs, offerings >>> Monetizing your gift

May 31: Your hook, why your story matters, and how to pitch yourself like a beast>>> Self-promotion

June 7: Ask Vasavi Anything Call

In between calls I will be giving you extra business and mindset related exercises to complete. You should treat this program and your commitment as you would if you and I were to work together 1:1.

Ok Vas, all this is fine and dandy but how much?

Your total investment is $500 for the entire group coaching program. You can also pay in two installments and the final payment must be paid by April 30th. 

Working with me 1:1 for this amount of time would normally be $900 so this investment is nearly half the price.

Your next step is to reserve your seat below by choosing one of the two payment options. Seats are limited to 12 people to ensure that I can give 1000% (I meant to write 1000%) to everyone in the program. 

Reserve Your Seat

Any questions?

I only want people who are ready to take my feedback, do the work, and being 100% responsible for their learning. Basically, this isn’t a babysitting program. So if you can handle doing the work, handle no bullshit, and are sick of talking and not doing anything–this is for you. Email me at vasavi@vasavikumar.com if you have any questions.