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BLOG fear growth & wellness taking actionOctober 12, 2014

The key to taking the first step

This past week I did something that was very out of my comfort zone.

I bought a two piece bathing suit.

This is a huge deal for me. Media has done a great job in portraying what an “ideal” body looks like. And if I were comparing my body to what media says– HELL NO would I be buying myself a two piece bathing suite.

But as I’ve consistently said to you over the years in all my emails- the first step to feeling confident and going after the thing you are most afraid of–

Take the FIRST STEP.

Here’s a picture of the bathing suits that I bought.


Do I have the “perfect” body.


But it’s perfect to me.

The bathing suit has much less to do with the actual apparel and much more to do with me not wanting to tan like an Oreo cookie (brown on the top and bottom and white on my stomach).

It’s also a testament to my willingness to accept myself AS I AM. Rather than waiting for a “some day” for me to get into a two-piece.

There is no such thing as “some day.”

That “some day” is today.

I want to turn it over to you now.

What’s something that you have been wanting to do but are too afraid of what other people may think, or maybe it’s the fears and thoughts in your head that have been holding you back (which is 99.99% the reason why most people don’t take the first step)

Here are some tips for you to take the first step towards whatever it is you are wanting to do (but too afraid to do it).

  • Say it out loud. This is key. Saying what it is you want out loud has a huge impact on whether or not you will actually follow through. The sound of our voice has the capacity to sooth our fears

  • Own it. Listen, this is your life. No one else but YOU is responsible for it. Own the fact that you want ______ (fill in the blank).

  • Tell a friend. I told two of my closest friends that I was headed to the store to try on bathing suits. Just letting them know that this is what I was doing held me accountable to follow through.

  • Do it. This is where most people get tripped up. What is it that you’ve been wanting to do? Write a book? Take a specific type exercise class? Call a friend/family member that you have lost touch? Cleaning up your finances?

The key here is to DO IT. Write two pages a day. Sign up for that class. I find that putting down my credit card and having to face possible penalty if I don’t attend makes me that much likely to go to class. Pick up the phone and call that friend. Sit down with your bank statements and create a budget. Look at where you are spending frivolously versus from necessity.

When you are clear on what you want and willing to be relentless in pursuit of that, you will be unstoppable. (click to tweet)

I can help you to get crystal clear and take the action that you have been putting off.

Just click here to set up your 45-minute clarity session with me

I’m here if you have any questions or need support in getting clear (with a swift loving kick in the butt). Just post your questions below and I will reply. Or email me at



P.S. If you know that you are ready to take that first step then take the first step by clicking here to set up your 20-minute chat with me. My promise to you is to have you TAKE ACTION in spite of your fears. 

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