the difference between lonely and alone

This past Sunday I celebrated my 32nd birthday.

I spent the weekend by myself at Travaasa, a beautiful and peaceful spa right outside of Austin, TX.




I went alone.

When I mentioned that I would be spending the weekend by myself, I definitely got a few “Ummmm, WHY??? Aren’t you going to be so ALONE on your birthday??”


I was alone on Saturday and Sunday. When I came back home on Sunday evening my husband Ashish made the most beautiful dinner. Mushroom stroganoff (vegetarian of course) and chocolate chip bread pudding.

I want to clarify the difference between being alone and feeling lonely.

Loneliness is the constant state of seeking outside of yourself to fill a void within. (click to tweet)

It is incurable. And nothing and no one can ever fill whatever emptiness you are feeling inside.

Loneliness is being in a room full of people yet feeling completely disconnected.

Aloneness is different.

Being alone is feeling full and free regardless of your external surroundings.

It’s the kind of bliss that can only be experienced by being completely content in your own presence.

I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner alone. I went hiking alone. I slept alone. I participated in a few outdoor activities alone.

At first it was definitely weird. I wondered if all the people around me saw me through the lens of pity.

But once I stopped caring about how other people viewed me and started enjoying my own company, I found freedom in simply being.

In simply eating my meal (sans phone, book, journal or something to look “busy” with).

In simply being with my breath and stillness while practicing yoga and meditation.

In simply remembering that sometimes, the best medicine to “cure” loneliness is to be alone (not medication). (click to tweet)

My invitation to you is two fold:

  1. Spend some time this week being alone. It may feel weird at first but trust me, the more time you spend with yourself, the more comfortable you become with yourself. (click to tweet)
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From me to you, I hope that you enjoy your own company as much the people around you do.