You’ve come a long way, baby

My friend Nisha Moodley recently wrote a blog post about her top courageous moments of 2013. I loved it so much that I decided to reflect back on my year and the teachable moments that came along with it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what’s yet to be accomplished that we forget to stop and look back on what we have done and the lessons learned along the way.


My hope in sharing this with you is that you take the time to reflect on your past year and look at how far you’ve come.

I noticed when I was doing this exercise that my tendency was to minimize my accomplishments. When you’re in motion or sitting in self-pity for not being in motion, it’s that much harder to look at what’s really going on. Life. Your life.

My invitation to you after you read this is to create your own list or comment in the discussion section below:

Three accomplishments you’re proud of from this past year. Doesn’t matter how “big” or “small.” The fact is, you did it. And, you’ve come a long way, baby.

Alright, here’s mine!

January: I launched my first online group coaching program, Source of Your Success.

Prior to creating this program, I was waiting on a huge organization to approve my proposal to work with them. I was up against one other person. She got it. I was upset, disappointed and thought I was screwed.


Teachable moment: Don’t wait for something or someone “out there” to get you in motion. I took this “loss” as an opportunity to focus on what I learned so as to teach it to others. I hunkered down and within a few months created my first online mindset training program, Source of Your Success. We launched it and I had 25 students the first time around! You can access the free video training to get an idea of what’s in the program here.

February: The new was born.

I hired Krystle Rowry, my creative designer to rebrand my entire site. I invested more than I ever thought I was worthy of. The ripple effect was astounding.




 Teachable moment: You are worth investing in. If this means throwing down some serious cash, then so be it. If you want people to respect you, you have to take your dreams seriously. (click to tweet)

March: I launched my first retreat, Nourish in Malibu, CA.

Clearly this was my year of really putting myself out there. I had been on a ton of retreats and wanted to create an experience for my peeps. In March, Nourish was just a concept, an idea. By the beginning of April I had booked my guest teachers, location, and fabulous sponsors. The retreat sold out in 9 days. 15 women. Malibu. Superness.

Nourish Retreat

Teachable moment: Anything that you can imagine can come to life. It can be scary at first, especially if you have never done it before. The key here is to get in motion and start taking action. Ask for help from people who have done it before. Let your creativity run wild and you will delightfully surprise yourself. (click to tweet)

April: I spoke in front of 400 people.

My friends Samantha Moonsammy and Lisa Larter put on an event in honor of Oprah’s visit to Canada called Live Your Best Life. I was honored to be asked to speak at the event. I was also extremely nervous. I had never spoken in front of 400 people before. Getting on stage and sharing my story and life lessons with so many people is like a high I had never experienced (and I’ve experienced many a manufactured high in my lifetime).

Teachable moment: Your greatness will be called forth in situations when you may feel the most scared or nervous. Your ego will try to pull you back and psych you out. It’s in these moments that you absolutely need to say YES. Saying YES to your greatness is fundamental for the evolution of your soul. (click to tweet)

June: Launched the Art of Confident Action and collaborated with 12 amazing teachers

Up until this point, I was teaching my programs on my own. Well, we don’t live on an island and operate alone so I reached out to 12 of the best teachers in the areas of finances, health, relationships, lifestyle, and career and asked if they would want to serve as guides in my 5-week program, The Art of Taking Confident Action. They said YES.

Freedom Forward

Teachable moment: You don’t have to do it alone. Take a chance and reach out to people who believe in you. (click to tweet)

July: Enrolled in Fusion Fitness’ 8-week weight-loss boot camp

First time in 3 years I started to really pay attention to my health. I had become so “busy” in my business that I neglected my well-being. I knew I needed the most support in my health and fitness so joined a group of fitness-focused women. Best decision ever. It got me into a rhythm and a routine to get my booty up every morning and move my body. Taking care of my well-being is not a one-time fix. It’s my lifestyle and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Oh. And I bought a juicer. I can’t stress how much making fresh green juice every morning has changed me from the inside out. Before I never used to have “enough time” to cook healthy at home. Buying a juicer and taking the time to prepare myself a green juice every morning is my radical of self-care. I now have more energy and overall feel happier. Shout out to my client Sulinya Ramanan for helping me get on track 🙂

Teachable moment: If you need help, ask for it. No need to be superwoman and act like you live on an island. Your health and well-being is the foundation for your success. Without it, you’ve got nothing. Make yourself a priority. If you won’t who will? (click to tweet)

September: Hosted my first retreat in Malibu 

It kind of felt like my wedding day. I remember everything, yet nothing at all. What I do remember is how I felt. Peaceful and at ease. It was a huge moment because I got to witness what happens when like-minded people come together. It was an even bigger moment for me because I witnessed my own power during that weekend.


And was on VH1’s Basketball Wives


Teachable moment: You have the power within you. Harness it. Channel it. Be it. (click to tweet)

October: Decided I wanted to pursue my dream of going to vegetarian culinary school.

And so I did. And got accepted and got a $5000 entrepreneurial scholarship.

Teachable moment: You really can do anything you set your mind to.

November: Taught the Hustle.

Decided to take all of the knowledge I had gained from running my business and teach it to five entrepreneurs. In Miami. I priced the weekend at $3000. I lowered the price to $2700 and five people signed up. Called it Hustle Intensive and enlisted two of the brightest women I know, my friends Rebecca and Michelle, to teach strategy, marketing, branding and content development. I was in my Zone of Genius and so were all ladies who attended. It was magical.

When I asked the ladies at the end of the weekend about the value they received, every single one said they would have paid more than $3000 to receive the content and personalized attention they got that weekend.

1375084_10100953659206290_13344575_n (1)

Teachable moment: The right people who see your value will come to you. But, you have to know your worth and believe in yourself.

December: Moved to Austin with my hubby Ashish and golden Retriever Laney. Found out I was misdiagnosed as Bipolar.

December was a whirlwind. I don’t remember much other than packing a ton of boxes. And being very excited to start a new chapter in a new city.

Had my last segment on KC LIVE after one year and a few months. You can catch up on all my segments here.


Found out from my doctor that I was misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Needless to say my identity was stripped and I had no choice but to turn within. Again.

Teachable moment: Change is a part of life. You can either move with it or resist it. Resisting it will make it that much harder. Open up. Surrender. No one can define you but yourself. Choose wisely.

January: Started vegetarian culinary school at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts.

It’s been two weeks of learning, making new friends, cutting, chopping, and a LOT of dishes. I had no idea that so much of what I was missing in my life, was ME. I took a leap of faith, moved, changed careers (not forever, but for right now) all in the search for me.


Teachable moment: The only journey is the journey within. Don’t stop looking until you find what’s missing. Ultimately, the only person who can help you, is YOU. You are the guru that you’ve been searching for. (click to tweet)

Everything I have learned in the past year boils down to this:

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” -Kahlil Gibran

After you read this shut down your computer, TV, and phone. Go back to your calendar and pick out at least three things that you consider accomplishments.  This exercise isn’t supposed to be easy. And if you’re anything like me (which I’m going to guess you are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) then celebrating yourself may be difficult. It’s ok. Do it anyway.

Here for you.



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