Giving thanks to what is most sacred

Hope you are enjoying your holiday!! Growing up I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving the “traditional” way, with all the turkey and fixings, primarily because we don’t meat and also because it’s not part of the Indian culture. However, we would always use this time to give thanks and get together with our family.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been giving you a sneak peak behind what’s happening over at the Kumar-Patel household. Moving to Austin, starting vegetarian culinary school at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts, rearranging my business model, etc.

I have committed to a life of transparency and full self-expression so as to impact others to do the same.

What I haven’t let you in on is something that is very sacred to me. My marriage. I don’t share much about my marriage mostly because that is the one thing that I have that is all mine.

And how ironic that today is also our three year wedding anniversary.

Yup, three years ago today, Ashish and I got married.


On our wedding day. 11.28.10 Hauppague, NY

Marrying Ashish was one of the easiest decisions for me to make.

If I was being completely transparent with you I would say this:

I am a LOT to handle (like you didn’t already know that).  Between living with and effectively managing my bipolar gift, running a business, being a risk taker, and just an overall bundle of energy-

I know one one thing for sure.

It takes a strong, secure, and an extraordinary person to be with me.

And I cannot imagine any other man being able to BE with all of me except my husband Ashish.

You see it was just a few months ago I said to him,

“Babe, I feel like there is something missing in my life.”

Ashish and I talked, soul-stormed (brainstormed), and with his support and through our conversation realized that I really really deeply desired to go to culinary school.

Becoming a vegetarian chef is more than just cooking for me.

Food is love for me.

My mom worked a lot growing up as cardiologist in private practice but I always knew in spite of her physical absence that she loved me.

How? Because she would always come home and feed my sister and I first (even though she was starving herself).

Anyway, yes, these are the “crazy” ideas I come up with. Picking up and leaving Kansas and moving to Austin so I can start culinary school. Nothing more than a dream and a desire.

And a husband who is crazy enough to support me as well.

A husband that is willing to break our lease, pack up our stuff, and drive to Austin on Dec 15th.

A husband who is willing to literally start from scratch because he is more committed to both of us living amazing lives, than simply getting by.

And that is what today is about. Thanking those who support us, even in our craziness and with our wild dreams that may seem completely insane to the outside world.

The outside world doesn’t matter.

What matters is what you want, and what you’re willing to do to become a better human being. (click to tweet tweet)

And being grateful for those that get you. In all of your crazy ways.

And who that is for me, is Ashish.

My solid rock. My unshakeable force. My blessing. And the silent witness to my greatness.

I want to leave with you something my father, Shanti said to me the other day:

Roti, kapda, aur makan.

Translation: Food, clothing, and a roof over your head.

Be grateful for that first. Everything else is a luxury.

What are you grateful for today (and everyday)? I’d love to hear in discussion section below.

I am grateful for you. Thank you for reading, commenting, and writing to me. It fills me up more than I can ever express. But most of all, thank you for being you.


P.S. Holiday time can get a little stressful. Watch my segment below on Kansas City Live where I share how to deal with family members