Being on purpose (and musings from a recovering workaholic)

This morning in my spin class, my instructor Francie’s boomed through the speakers,

“You’re here for a reason.”

“Work those legs.”

“Be on purpose.”

“Be intentional about what you’re doing here.”

It got me thinking about where in my life I have a tendency to not be on purpose. Offhand the one place where I know i struggle is when it comes to how I talk to myself.

As you all know, I’m a hustler.

And as Ne-Yo and Akon sings, “A hustler’s work is never through.”

Oops. I may have taken that to another level.

I know what it’s like to be so externally driven by accomplishments, accolade, and acknowledgment.

I also know, very well (too well) that none of it matters.

See, being on purpose is about being intentional about where you put your energy and how much of it you devote to things, people, opportunities, and thoughts.

What I realized on that spin bike this morning was that in every moment, whether I’m giving it my all, or not- it’s a choice.

That whether or not you choose to take action, to hustle, to haul ass to accomplish whatever it is you’re striving for– it’s a choice.

And you get to be on purpose, EVEN when it comes to hauling ass.

Simply stated, no need to be victimized or a martyr to your gifts, “obligations,”or your duties in life (dharma).

I’ve trained myself to be on purpose as it pertains to how persistent I am, how hard I work, how much i’m “driving” or in some cases being driven.

But when you choose (keyword) to not go as hard, or, maybe speed up a bit, because that’s what you WANT to do- there’s more power and purpose behind the action that you take.

As a recovering workaholic (and yes, I sometimes fall off the wagon), I know what it’s like to GO GO GO.


I was interviewed on a panel yesterday for Huff Post Live on this very topic. Check it out:

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject in the discussion below.