Being Naturally Beautiful with my Indian sister-friend, Nitika Chopra

When I was a kid, I got made fun of. A lot. I got made fun of for being hairy, for being brown, for smelling of curry, the list goes on and on. And, I would often wake up every morning begging my parents to let me stay home from school so I wouldn’t have to bear the torture of being bullied. 

I felt ugly, unwanted, and unworthy. 

The more women I talk to the more I come to learn that so many of them have experienced these same feelings as I have. I want to share an amazing story of how my dear friend, Nitika Chopra, manifested her biggest dream of becoming a Television Host with you. Four years ago, Nitika had a dream to be a Television Host. She really believed in the promotion of health, wellness and beauty from the inside out and worked to create a space for this on television.

Despite having very little resources, Nitika was connected to her truth. With this dream and determination guiding her, she created a clear action plan to achieve her calling and thus Your Bella Life – Online Magazine was born. Your Bella Life was created as a forum for women to bring healing and happiness into everyday life through content touching on the Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. Nitika created the elements of a website she thought would be perfect for her own Talk Show.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nitika on all things beauty, self-worth, and the 3 steps to feeling Naturally Beautiful (even when you feel ugly). Watch our chat below:


When you make a decision, the energy of the universe helps conspire to make it happen. Sure enough, last fall, Nitika was connected to producers of the incredible holistic lifestyle channel Veria Living Television. Veria Living, a national channel reaching 17 million homes, took notice of the heart and grassroots feel behind Bella Life. Through the growth of Bella Life, Nitika went from few resources, to a flooding network of followers, partnerships and community. It was this that gave her the opportunity to achieve just what she had hoped for, her own Television Show!

Nitika’s show, Naturally Beautiful encompasses the elements of Bella Life; illuminating the beauty in all parts of our being (Click Here to Watch and Learn More about the Show!). The show will be launching on Veria Living on September 24th, 2013 at 7 pm.

Here’s to your natural beauty 🙂