Keepin’ It Real: Is it Spiritually Wrong to Want to Make Money?

I hear this all the time: “Oh, I’m spiritual, I don’t care about money,” or “Is it wrong for me to charge people for my services? I mean, I am spiritual.”

It breaks my heart when I see people who have a purpose and a gift, yet are struggling to make ends meet because they are afraid or feel guilty to ask to get PAID for what they do.


This is such an important topic, whether you are an entrepreneur or you work for someone else because, money is our tool of trade and without it, we cannot sustain ourselves (unless you’re living up in the Himalayan mountains and I’m almost positive you would still need money to survive, trust me, I’ve been there.)

There ain’t nothing spiritual about not getting paid for your gifts @AskVasavi

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This week’s Keepin’ It Real answers a question sent in by Lisa, one of my viewers and I promised her I would be sure to address her question here on today’s episode.

The belief that one cannot be spiritual and make money has got to stop. I share some of my personal experiences in today’s video and what to do if you are struggling with this issue.

The topic of money can make people squirm in their seats. I’m hoping that today’s video will demystify some of the myths that have been passed on for years about being spiritual and making money.

In the discussion section below I would love to hear about what you were taught about money and if that impacted how you run your business (and your life).

Here’s to you being spiritually, emotionally, and financially abundant.

Love always,