Keepin’ It Real: YO! You ok?

Before we get into today’s Keepin’ It Real, I wanted to give you a heads up:

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Now onto today’s KIR.

You may not know this about me but….

I’m not ok with just OK.

And while this way of being has typically served me in my business and the value that I provide for my clients, it hasn’t always served me in other areas.

I can speak from personal experience when I say that my “OK is not OK” attitude had an effect on my personal relationships.

Over the past few years, I’ve really taken the time to question whether OK…is enough.


I have to be honest, I still resist it. I still resist things being OK because quite frankly, I am a striver. But as each day goes by and I become more and grounded in my truth, I can tell you this:

What I choose to be OK with is up to me to define.

In this week’s Keepin’ It Real video, I get an email from Helene, who is in a marriage that is according to her, “Just OK.”

Her story is not an uncommon one so I would love for all of us to give her some support and share your tips in the comments below.