Keepin’ It Real: Check yourself before you wreck yourself

I AM SO EXCITED TODAY!!!!! Wanna know why?

My team and I are committed to to the highest level of excellence in my company and so, when you watch today’s Keepin’ It Real video you are going to notice a huge difference….with everything.

However, I’m still Keepin’ It Real with you guys about everything (even when I don’t want to) so that’s still the same 🙂

Ok, onto today’s vid.


Do you have people in your life that are totally negative and view the world half-empty?

Yeah, I understand. That was me a few years ago. I was a very unhappy person. In my life, in my relationships, in my health and fitness.

I was spiritually, mentally, and emotionally bankrupt.

Well, let me share a secret with you.

Unhappiness is a habit. It’s a way of being that we have trained ourselves in because it’s a comfortable place to operate from when we don’t have any other options.

And, that’s why it’s so important to check yourself…before you wreck yourself.

Watch today’s Keepin’ It Real video to get the 411 on why people are unhappy and HOW you can shift from a poopy place to a place of bliss (and, yes, it does exist).

And, hey listen, my commitment is to ALWAYS keep it real with you. So can I ask you something?

Are you willing to keep it real? I would love to hear what you do to shift from unhappy to happy.

I know so many watching and reading would benefit from you sharing your story- because your words matter and make a difference.

Have a beautiful week ahead.