keepin’ it real: the truth about what scares you

Who’s behind the wheel in your life?

Is it the version of you who’s ready to hit the gas and ride off into the sunset?

Or is it the version who prefers to play it safe, and keep one foot on the brake?

For a lot of us, it tends to be the second one. This means our hearts aren’t running the show – our fear is. And that overwhelming, gut-twisting worry is what keeps so many people from going after what they really want in life.

So how do we break free?

Holly, this week’s asker extraordinaire, has the same question.

“Vasavi, I love watching your videos. Every time I’m stuck on a certain area of my life, you seem to send me just the right video of the week. Ok, so I have a lot of fear. I just want to kill it off. It stops me in every area of my life. I can’t date, I can’t take risks… I really want to start my own business, and every time I even think of doing it, I get overcome by so much fear, and I’m paralyzed. How do I get rid of my fear?”

Let me give you the bad news first: you’re never going to get rid of your fear. Ever.

But the good news is, that’s ok. What’s really important is what happens when something makes you feel afraid.

As author Meg Cabot wrote so beautifully: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.”

Watch today’s video to get clarity on what scares you, and how to take it on and win.

What do your fears say to you? How do you react? How do you wish you could react? Get real with me in the comments below. I always love hearing your thoughts.

See you next week!