keepin it real: how to believe in yourself.

There was a time when I didn’t believe in myself. I compared myself to everyone around me (with devastating results). I didn’t feel supported by the people I was with. My self-confidence was pretty much nill, and I found myself stuck in a rut I wasn’t sure I could get out of. Have you ever felt that way? Thanks to some amazing teachers a whole lotta soul-searching, I’ve finally got that negative self-talk under control! So today, I want to give you the tools that will help YOU do the same thing, and finally unleash your awesome potential.

Check out this week’s question from the lovely Lisa: Hey Vasavi, My name is Karen. I love your Keepin It Real videos because you tell it like it is. Thanks for not holding anything back. Here’s my question. I know deep down that I can do anything. But throughout the day I have all this chatter that is telling me otherwise. How do I start believing in myself? What do I need to do?

If you’ve been letting low self-confidence rule your destiny, you can start your shift NOW! Put the ideas from this video into play in your day-to-day, and see what changes for you. This is your life, people! Don’t spend it hiding yourself away when you’ve got so much to give. The world needs your amazing gifts. You were put on this earth to step into your greatness – never forget that. Question for you: Do you have trouble believing in yourself? What are some of your favorite confidence boosters? How do you stay focused on your greatness? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next week – don’t stop believing! (You knew I had to make a Journey reference in there somewhere, right?)