keepin’ it real: get back in touch with your intuition

Ever been on the verge of making a BIG decision… and end up second-guessing yourself at the last minute?

Ever gotten so nervous about making the right choice, you asked too many people for help… and confused yourself even more?

You’re most definitely not alone. This week’s awesomely honest question comes from Yvonne, who asks:

“Every time I’m faced with making a decision, I get so scattered. I ask anyone and everyone what the right decision is, and usually end up feeling more overwhelmed. How do I tune into my intuition and my gut?”

Don’t get me wrong, asking for help from mentors and trusted advisors can be a great way to gain perspective. But when you’re asking anyone you come across, you can make your anxiety worse by taking on everyone else’s opinions!

So at the end of the day, how can you know that your judgement call is the one that’s in line with our intuition?

The amazing Sonia Choquette – also a bestselling author and celebrated intuitive – taught me a great exercise that makes it easy to listen in to what your gut is telling you. I don’t want to spoil it though – so watch the video to find out!

Remember: your sixth sense is an incredibly powerful tool. When you know how to tap into it, you aren’t just honing your natural intuition – you’re empowering yourself with a strengthened sense of self-confidence.

No one is living your life but you. You must be willing to trust yourself, and your gut instinct if you’re going to keep making headway towards your destiny.

Got any tips for tuning into your intuition? Or struggles with decision-making that you’d like to share? Join in the conversation in the comments below. It’s always so amazing to hear your thoughts!