heal the beast within you.

I’m about to share myself in a way that I have never shared with you for fear of not being loved and accepted.  My commitment as the Keepin It Real Guru is to keep it real regardless of what you may think of me. 

When is the last time you hurt another human being?  Adam Lanza killed innocent victims and took his own life, but let us stop to think about the hurtful and painful words that we speak to one another, and the negative and hateful thoughts that we have towards ourselves and others on a daily basis.

You want to hear the irony of Adam? He lived on Yogananda street. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Paramahansa Yogananda was an Indian saint who preached universal love, and was the author of The Autobiography of a Yogi.

Yogananda once said “Anger gives birth to jealousy, hatred, spite, revengefulness, destructive instinct, wild ideas, brain paralysis, and temporary insanity – any of which may lead to terrible crimes.”

Can you honestly say you that have never experienced those feelings?

The dialogue that has been taking place needs to change. We have open hearts for the victims, but when it comes to Adam he’s a beast, a horrible human being, and a crazy person with a mental illness? How can compassion and hatred coexist?

Where there is hatred, there is no compassion.

Where there is compassion, hatred cannot exist.

You want to see change in the world? Start with yourself. Start by healing the beast within you. The beast that experiences rage, sadness, anger, meanness, judgement, gossip, hatred, malice towards others. If you are reading this and shaking your head “No way, I don’t have a beast inside of me”- take another look.

Ask the people closest to you who you know won’t sugarcoat the truth. Every single one of us needs to have someone like that in our life. I’m fortunate to have my best friend Stevi who will always tell me like it is and who has always called out the beast within me.

The truth: The beast within Adam that had him shoot innocent victims is the beast that exists within me and you.

If we really want to transform the conversation around mental illness, gun control and violence in this country, we have to recognize that each and every one of us has a beast within us. We are no different than Adam Lanza. He just happened to be given a different set of circumstances.

We have been blessed with the knowledge and the awareness to not allow our beast to take over us, to not harm innocent people, and to not create chaos in a world that is already chaotic…but have we truly been responsible as individuals and as a society with all of the gifts that we have been given?

How can i relate to someone like Adam Lanza? It’s simple. He was in extreme pain and clearly felt alone, like he had no way out.

Have you ever been in pain, felt alone and like you were trapped in your suffering?

And while I have been diagnosed with a lifelong mental illness called Bipolar Disorder, and have felt pain, alone, and thought that there was no way out- the difference between him and I is that I chose to not let a Western medical diagnosis define me. I chose to let support in. I chose to completely restructure my life. I chose to set healthy boundaries. I chose to only keep positive people in my life. I chose to listen to my higher voice- call it God, call it Universe, call it Higher Consciousness- whatever you want to call it- I chose.

These tragic events are a great distraction for us to not be with ourselves and look inwards. Take this event as an opportunity to look inwards. There is no one to blame here. And the sooner we stop blaming and finding fault “out there” the sooner we can spend our time and focus to look into ourselves.

As Gandhi says, ” Be the change you want to see in the world.”


Much love,