keepin’ it real: what’s up with your ideas about money?

Is it easy for you to invest in yourself? Or is it a constant battle between your bank balance and your goals?

If you’re a financial worry wart, or if just the idea of clicking ‘Pay now’ makes you shudder, this week’s video is for YOU.

Lara asks:

“I know that I need support in my personal life, and I need someone to hold me accountable. The thing that stops me is my relationship to money. I’m so scared to spend money on myself. What do I do?”

Awesome question Lara. And the answer goes much farther back than your last trip to the ATM.

We’re all ingrained with beliefs systems surrounding money at a very young age, depending how and where we were raised.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

“There’s never enough money,”
“You have to work your butt off to earn it!”
“People with a lot of money do bad things.”
“Money will come easily to you.”
“Money is evil.”
“If you’re spiritual, you shouldn’t care about money.”

Yep – thought so.

The problem is, these internal dialogues from your childhood are still running the show in your adult life. I think it’s high time you transformed your relationship to money – don’t you? Start taking investing in yourself seriously.

The power’s in your hands! Check out the video to learn more.

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