the interesting thing about moolah


what happens when you read that word?


green paper. benjamins. moolah. bills. cash. bucks.

what happens inside of you?

here is the interesting thing about money.

If you find yourself wondering why there just doesn’t seem to be “enough” of it, take a look around you.

do you respect money?

like totally respect, honor, cherish the energy of money?

in the Hindu religion (or way of life), Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth is revered. Every year Hindus around the world offer massive prayers and offerings to honor and respect the energy that she can bring into your life and your household (or not) if you treat her with the respect that she deserves.

do you allow your money to work for you?


do you sit in despair and confusion wondering where all your money has gone this month?

consider. just for a moment that it’s time to reinvent your friendship with money.

live simple for one week (to start with).

you may be surprised to learn that you are able to live simply.

and without Starbucks (their coffee tastes like burnt tires), eating out everyday, and spending money on your wants (as opposed to what you truly need) to sustain yourself.


you may find that you are actually happy with living simply and having extra cash left over in your bank account.

all of it is a practice in gratitude, simplicity, and abundance.

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