the confusion about enlightenment

there are many things about Nirvana (or enlightenment) that can be confusing.

Is there one way to obtain this life purpose that we as human beings strive so hard to find?

Is doing yoga and meditation a part of this path?

Are spiritual folks allowed to get mad?

no one way will lead you to enlightenment

however YOUR way will lead you there.

your enlightment may be covered in tulips and puppies.

your neighbor’s enlightment may look like grandkids, vacations on the back and candelit dinners with his wife.

the confusing thing about enlightenment is that there is no one way.

if the goal is enlightenment then how do you get there?

if i had to sum it up in a few short words it would be:

be kind. to yourself and others. don’t stop till you get what you want. smile and laugh often.stay humble. create your own opportunities. don’t wait for it to show up on your front doorstep. be grateful for all of it.