Keepin’ It Real: Real talk about self-sabotage

The cycle of self-sabotage is something everyone finds themselves caught up in at one point or another.

But why does it happen? Why do we intentionally hold ourselves back from achieving our full potential, and living our dreams?

Today’s question comes from Kyle, who asks “Every time I achieve something in my business, or I’m so happy in my personal life, I find myself sabotaging that happiness, and sabotaging my success. What the hell is that about? Why would I even want to sabotage my happiness?”

This is an absolutely awesome question, something my clients ask me over and over again. And there’s no simple answer! But here’s what I do know:

There are a several BIG reasons self-sabotage gets under everyone’s skin:

1. Our belief systems hold us back. We don’t believe we deserve any better
2. Experiencing a whole lotta happiness, abundance, or wealth can be unfamiliar, and just make us… uncomfortable
3. We’re afraid of all this extra joy and success ending one day. So we take matters into our own hands
4. We worry others will look down on our joy

A lot of us are afraid to play big, and intentionally hide our brilliance and genius because we’re terrified of what the outcome may be. When you’re fulfilling your potential, you open the door for literally anything to happen; wealth, happiness, fame… but also heartbreak and pain.

But what’s more worthwhile – that you live this life the way you were meant to? Or that you protect yourself from the dangers of being who you truly are?

The choice is yours.

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If you’re stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage, or are you just starting to break free, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment, or shoot me an email at


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