Keepin’ It Real: Are you wearing lots of hats?

This week’s question comes from the lovely Rachel:

“As a new business owner, I’m wearing so many hats, and I am terrible at delegating. I’d rather spend time doing what I love – which is working with people on their nutrition and overall balance in their life. So how do I step out of my fear of delegating and start passing stuff off to people so I can stay focused?”

Hoo boy – can I relate to this.

When you’re just starting up a business, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of working for yourself. And when you don’t have the money (yet) to invest in a copywriter/marketing expert/designer/social media guru, you push forward anyway, even if it means tackle everything alone.

You might tell yourself you prefer it that way. Could you even trust someone else to carry out your vision?

Maybe you kept great momentum in the beginning, but eventually, your engine’s gonna run on empty. So what’s a gal/guy to do?

(Hint: the answer is a key to allowing your light to shine bright, so you can live from your GREATNESS. I just kicked off a FREE training series that’s that’s all about that. Take a look!).

Take a peek at the video to find out:

When you give yourself space to focus on your specific genius hotspot, you don’t just free up more time to do what you love – you’re opening up room to make HUGE strides; creatively, professionally, and personally.

So give yourself permission to let go a little bit. Whether you’ve got a seasoned pro in your corner, or a green-but-willing college intern on your side, when you delegate the tasks that drag you down, you’re giving YOU the chance to soar!


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