what’s that feeling?

you may or not have had this feeling.

but my hunch is telling me that you have.

it’s the feeling of uneasiness, of wanting more, of something”missing.”

i know this because i have felt this way since i was 7 years old.

that feeling…is your Purpose unfulfilled.

that feeling…is you wanting to bust out of your shell and truly be unleashed.

that feeling…is the deep knowing that you have a reason for being here.

that feeling..is the soul contract that you made with God (or Universe, Higher Self, Spirit) even before you were born.

that feeling….if you wanting share your message and impact people’s lives.

that feeling…is waiting for YOU to give permission to yourself to just say YES.

say yes.

for the love of you.

your family.

your town.

your city.

your state.

your country.

your world.

your planet.

your humanity.

say yes.

I did.

Will you?