a letter to my 20-something self

circa 2002

Dear Vasavi,

I know you think that you know everything. You don’t. In fact, you are about to make a whole lotta bad choices. I’m here to tell you that it’s ok. You will survive. In fact, you will thrive. You can’t stop me from sharing my lessons from the future with you. So open and read this letter when you are ready.

P.S. There is no such thing as being ready. So read it now.

1. go with your gut. always.

2. if it sounds like and feels like that guy just wants one thing from you..he probably does.

3. you aren’t “too much.” other people just don’t have the capacity to be with all of you. So don’t stop shining bright.

4. you can’t buy friends with money, or gifts, or favors, or saying YES all the time.

5. listen to your mother. you may think she is a pain in the neck, but she gets nothing out of seeing you suffer.

6. slow down. your time is coming.

7. sex isn’t a substitute for love.

8. drink more water. put down the vodka cranberry.

9. feel your feelings. self-medicating with drugs isn’t working for ya.

10. don’t treat your nearest and dearest like doormats.

11. what other people think of you isn’t your problem. so mind yo’ business.

12. yes, you are here to make a huge impact on the planet. start with making a difference with you.

13. you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. it will serve you in the long run.

14. the company you keep will make you or break you. stop chasing after the “cool” kids. YOU are awesome.

15. don’t pay attention to the bullies. They’ll get theirs.

16. life and the people around you are your greatest spiritual teachers. stop needing to be right all the time.

17. trust trust trust. God has always had your back.

18. have fun. worrying and suffering are optional.

19. number one spirit killer? not being true to you. take the mask off.

P.P.S. Yes, you are loveable and you do matter. Oh, and God will forgive you. Will you?