Oh yeah? Do. It. Anyway.

People often ask me how I am able to produce the type of results that I produce.

Three words.

Do. It. Anyway. In spite of the doubt, the self judgment, the fear..do it anyway.

Let me break it down for you.

DO. Action. Without movement, without action you will stay stuck. Whatever it is, those weekly blog posts that you know you should be writing, those 10 pounds that you have been saying you want to lose, the new clients that you want to get but you are afraid to ask for the sale, or make calls, or speak in public about what you do and how you can help people, that business that you have always wanted to start, that book that you keep saying you want to write. And the list goes on and on.

Fear is your compass. If you experience fear before you’re about to do something; or when you are given a new opportunity that’s brand new; or you have an amazing idea that scares just a little bit– you are on the right track.Your fear is an indicator that you are totally about to experience something way different, way new, and wayyyy uncomfortable.

IT. The it is the Why? The It is the What for..the big juicy vision.  So why? I mean really? If you think about, we are all here living on this planet sucking up the Earth’s resources. Wouldn’t it be nice to give back? I think it would be magnificent if for one second, it wasn’t about “What can I get out of this?”

My hunch is that all of you are waiting to be be unleashed. To bust out. To let your greatness out. to step in your power your brilliance, in all your glory and serve humanity.

So I have one question for you. What for? What for will you start taking action? You already know the answer. And if some of you are stuck with the “what for”…here’s a hint… its the idea, the dream, the thing that keeps you up at night. And one more hint…the “what for” isn’t about YOU. It’s about the GAP in society that YOU are meant to fill with your genius. Don’t think that you have genius within you? Guess again. That’s just your story (excuse) that allows you to keep playing small.

Whenever I am overcome by fear I ask myself two questions:

“Whats the worst thing that can happen if I do it anyway?” and

“How many people will be positively affected by my choice to do it anyway?”

The worst thing that can happen if you do it anyway is that you will “fail.” or might be rejected.

Who cares?  I guarantee that the suffering and pain that you will experience will be far greater if you don’t do it anyway. Now the second question that I ask myself is what often drives me to do it anyway. Because like i said before, when you take YOU out of the equation and simply focus on the result, the impact on others, the happiness and sense of accomplishment that will be birthed from you doing it anyway is far beyond the cost of not taking the action.

ANYWAY. The Anyway are all of your circumstances. Actually, its taking the action in line with your vision IN SPITE of your circumstances. Listen, we all have the thing that makes us feel just a tad bit different or crazy or off. I’m guessing you have something that you are holding onto that you use to let yourself off the hook from being great, from playing a big game and from using you full potential. And if you DO IT ANYWAY…guess what? That doesn’t mean that you are ignoring whatever it is you use to hold yourself back. What it does mean is…YES, I acknowledge I have this story (excuse) about myself that I use to hold myself back AND I’m going to take the action ANYWAY.

My question to you is, “Are you going to do it anyway?”

If you are holding onto a big, fat story (excuse) as to why you can’t do all the things you say you want to do and are ready to DO IT ANYWAY visit www.sourcefyoursuccess.com

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