Are You Ready or Willing?

Guest post by Rev. Jenenne Macklin

Sometimes we ask ourselves questions that literally keep us in our comfort zones rather than stepping into our greatness. One of those such questions is, \”Are you ready?\” Are you ready to lose weight? Are you ready to create financial freedom? Are you ready to save money? Are you ready for coaching?

The energy of this question can stop us in our tracks with the simply answer, \”No, not yet.\” But what if there were a more effective and powerful question to ask that would lead to our taking action? What if we asked ourselves, \”Are you willing?\”

Being willing moves us into the realm of possibilities; the realm of success. When we are at least willing the Universe can conspire on our behalf to fulfill our deepest and heartfelt desire.

Ready seems to imply that you’ve gotten everything together and have arrived at a certain place. I hear a man asking his date, \”Are you ready?\” Once she has everything the way she wants, glances at herself in the mirror, they proceed.

Willingness says you show up as you are and go from there. You have to start somewhere so why not there – where you are. Along the way you tap into your courage and faith; you harness your power and embrace success. As you do, you recognize that you are willing to invest in your dreams and goals.

Recently, I was willing to show up for myself and write a business plan. Now that was something I was not \”ready\” to do, I had avoided it for some time. But after a coaching session, I was willing to fill in the template. Two hours later I had put all my thoughts, ideas, dreams and plans in writing and printed an authentic business plan.

So I ask you: are you willing?

Jenenne Macklin is a speaker, coach and author.  Jenenne coaches her clients to harness their innate power & courage to create their reality.  This month join her 2- part tele seminar, “Consciously Creating & Attracting Money Into Your Life.

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