If You Say So

You say that you can’t do this or you can’t do that. LIES. It’s all lies. All the lies that you have been fed by society, your childhood, your parents, mean girls (or boys) in school when you were growing up..all of it are LIES.

Here’s the thing, it is all in your head. And every time you choose to operate from a place of I can’t, or this is impossible, or self doubt, you are basically saying to the Universe- yup, I’m screwed.

You get to say. Each and every moment you get to say. You really do.

Growing up in an all-white town being one of the very few Indian families, I was bullied. A lot. Oh, and every single Indian joke in the book was thrown at me. Here’s a sample:

“Does your dad own a 7-11?”

“Your mom is such a dot-head”

“Do you guys pray to cows?”

“Why are you so brown?”

“And how come you smell like curry all the time?”

Oh..and my all-time favorite. The one that had me cursing my genes:

“You have sideburns like Elvis.”

What did I make that mean? I made it mean that in order to fit in I had to be like everyone else, and say and do the “right” thing. Well, that’s lame, and exhausting and quite frankly, a pain in the ass to keep up.

And as my mentor Lisa Nichols says, “Your perception of me ain’t none of my business.” BOO-YAH.

I’m inviting you to challenge every single belief that you have been holding onto. Until you release them you will be trapped. No, its not a death sentence. Well, actually it is. The tighter you hold on to your disempowering beliefs about who you are, who you think you “should” be, the “right” thing to do–you will be trapped in this thing called your mind.

If you have ever read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (highly recommended) you will soon come to understand that you are not your mind.

You get to say. Each and every time you psych yourself out about what you can or can’t do you get to say, “Hmmm let me see if there is actually any truth to this” and “Whose story is this?”

So your challenge: Notice how many times you psych yourself out from taking the next step. Notice every single story and belief that you use as a cop-out from allowing yourself to just be you.

Conformity is boring. Greatness is magical.

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