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As you can see, my team and I have a TON going on around these parts…

I just released a best-selling book that I co-wrote with Lisa Nichols, Lisa Sasevich and Sandra Yancey called Succeeding in Spite of Everything…(boy is that a perfect title for my own journey!)

I just wrapped three amazing interviews with Don Miguel Ruiz, Sonia Choquette and Arielle Ford … (with more fabulous interviews on their way)

Took a road trip to Chicago with my hubby Ashish to attend the Celebrate Your Life event and also hung out in the Big Apple with one of my best friends to witness her marriage union to her love…

AND, I just kicked off my new Keeping It Real with Vasavi video series, which I’m sharing here today and will be posting on a regular basis.  It’s a series of juicy, actionable tidbits that will help you access your full potential and create breathtaking results.

Today’s topic is freedom.  Do you take your freedom for granted?  Would you like MORE freedom?  Yes!

Keepin' It Real


  1. very nice vas

    i enjoyed watching it you are too good.

    Rama chithi

  2. Hey – love the video. I came over here to see it from Elevate. Thank you for the recommendation!

    Be blessed,


    1. Vasavi says:

      Thank you Leelo!!!!

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