Do You Know What the Source of Your Success is?

S.O.U.R.C.E. of Your SuccessPeople ask me a lot how I had the courage to step into becoming a radio talk show host, what made me know that I was supposed to be a transformational coach (when I grew up – ha!) and how I keep such a balanced relationship with my awesome husband Ashish.

Well, the truth is, I’m very human.  In fact, in some ways even more fallible than others – or at least that’s what I thought when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years ago.  When I was diagnosed there was some relief – it sure explained why I went from overly sensitive to overly numb – I was scared out of my mind.  What would people think of me?  Would they take me seriously?  Could I stand the judgment that came with?

Luckily for me, I got the medical and holistic help that I needed so I could continue on the journey that I was born into.  I also have the love of my family and friends and that sure helped (and continues to help) a lot.

In all of my conversations with thought leaders on my radio show Deep Talk, every one of my guests has something that has set them apart from others in their own path to success as authors, speakers, business experts and global change agents.

I want to share this with you now.  It’s called S.O.U.R.C.E., a 6-step foundational practice that is the truth of your success.  Over the next three blog posts, I want to share what they really mean.  I’ll start with the first two tenants.

1.     S = Spirit Connection
Our connection to Spirit (or God, the Universe, Higher Self or any name you use to describe the divine) is a critical component of living a purpose-driven, successful life.  Your success is a direct reflection of your connection to Spirit.  You cannot control everything, and when you’re consciously connected, you feel joy, peace, love, regardless of the circumstances.  Negative feelings show up when you’re not connected to Spirit.  And because of that, sometimes we don’t get what we want.  When you’re connected to Spirit – you can find comfort in knowing that all is possible.

2.     O = Own Everything You Are
“Owning everything that you are” is all about looking at being responsible for the life that you created.  When you’re living in “O” you’re not blaming the people or the circumstances in your past or your present.  “O” is all about choices, and when you’re at peace with the fact that you get to choose, you can also be ok with the fact that you made a choice in the first place – you weren’t a victim to anything.  When you become aware of your choices, you get to see very clearly where you’re holding yourself back.  Then you can change those things.

In my next blog post, I will cover the next two letters in the S.O.U.R.C.E. methodology.

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