12 Things You Need to Let Go of to Succeed

Letting Go1. Let go of comparing yourself to others
There is absolutely no point comparing yourself to other people because you will never be like them nor will they be like you. Instead, take a look at what YOU are good at, what YOUR strengths, and how YOU can make a difference in the world. And, instead of comparing, look at what you can learn from other people as opposed to making yourself wrong or less than.

2. Let go of resentment
Resentment is like drinking a bottle of poison and hoping your enemy dies from it. The only person that suffers from resentment is you. Practice forgiveness, beat up some pillows, write a long letter and then throw it in the fire. Whatever it takes, let go of resentment. It holds no space in your mind or heart and will keep you from moving forward powerfully.

3. Let go of being inauthentic
You may think that people don’t see when you are being ingenious. Guess again, “fakeness” or inauthenticity can be spotted a mile away. It’s all energy that can be felt. So do yourself a favor and start showing up as YOU.

4. Let go of excuses
Excuses are lame. It’s your way of letting yourself off the hook and then trying to get everyone else into buying in to those excuses. Excuses are the number one reason (in my opinion) why people don’t move forward in their life. As opposed to making an excuse for why you didn’t do something or why you can’t have what you want, make a choice. Choices are way more powerful.

5. Let go of the need to control everything
Listen, I openly admit that I am a recovering control freak and perfectionist. And while I get this crazy high from controlling things because I feel powerful when I do…it is exhausting. Learn to let go just a little bit day by day and watch how the Universe will work in your favor. Plus, you won’t be as stressed and have heart disease down the road.

6. Let go of gossiping
So the next time you gossip hold a mirror up to your face. Because what you are putting out there into the Universe about another human being is exactly the way you feel about yourself. Gossip is straight up wrong and at the end of the day it will come back to you. Instead of gossiping take a look at your own life and what you would like to improve upon rather than talking about another person who isn’t even there to defend themselves.

7. Let go of complaining
Complaining actually makes the act of whatever you have to do more excruciatingly painful. Next time you have to do something that you would normally complain about- don’t complain and just DO IT.

8. Let go of lying to yourself and others
No one likes a liar. And whether you are trying to hide something, impress someone, or start drama, lying takes a lot of energy to cover up and maintain. So just start speaking the truth. Being out of integrity with yourself and others is the number one obstacle to success.

9. Let go of judging others
When you judge others you are simply avoiding look into yourself. Anytime you feel the urge to judge someone, stop and ask yourself, “What is it that I cannot be with in that person?” You will see whatever you are judging that person about, is exactly what you judge yourself about. And point blank, judging other people is just mean.

10. Let go of judging yourself
Read #9. Replace others with yourself.

11. Let go of seeking approval from others
My mother once said to me, “If I waited for everyone to approve of me, I would be waiting for a very long time.” Start by acknowledging yourself. You are never, I repeat NEVER going to get the approval of every single person you come across. So start with the most important person and get their approval- YOU. Because at the end of the day, you need to sleep with you.

12. Let go of your STORY about why you can’t succeed
Your story, your past, your circumstance all of it will keep you from moving forward. Notice every time you have a story about something, anything, anyone. All it does is keep you stuck, provide excellent reasons and excuses why you can’t do, be, or have all that you want. Your story typically involves something from the past or your own rendition of how you think something or someone should have been. It involves a whole bunch of nonsensical drama will drain you of any sort of positive energy.