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…One more thing about the "C" (Conscious Creation) that I talked about yesterday.

After coaching lots of my clients and recently having the privilege to be a "Radical Coach" at the Get Radical Conference in Washington DC, I know not everyone is ready for the big step of taking action to make a dream come true.

So let me ask you, “What do you need to support you to move forward with your goals?"

You know, even God didn’t create the universe by sleeping under a tree. He was in action!

The three places I see people frequently get stuck are:

1. Financial Status. The symptom is overspending. What’s the unmet need that’s trying to be filled by spending an extra $300 a week you don’t have?

2. Relationship(s). The symptoms are distancing or throwing off fear or hostility. So many people really expect that even when they’re total jerks to people they love, they’ll get something better back! But the partner is thinking, “Are you kidding me? You’re going to treat me like that and expect love back? No way!"

3. Negative Self-Talk. Thinking "I’m such a loser," but saying "I’m amazing" gives your brainwaves mixed messages and zaps energy required to take action.

Conscious Creation is the step where you walk the path between wants and goal achievement. Sometimes you only need a thought-clearing conversation to trigger action–and this is where I can help. It’s my favorite part of this journey.

Would you like a private 30-minute coaching session to talk about how to get yourself into action? Scroll to the bottom right corner of my website to schedule a Conscious Creation Consult with me this week.

Be kind to yourself,
Vasavi Kumar, LMSW, M.Ed., ACC
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“Why are you stingy with yourself? Why are you holding back? What are you saving for–for another time? There are no other times. There is only now. Right now.” ~ George Balanchine

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