Tofu for Breakfast? Step Out of Your Routine!

I must confess. I’m a recovering perfectionist.

Even on something as simple as whipping up a fabulous meal on the fly. I’m just not naturally one of those people who says, “Oh, let me use what I have on hand right now.” If I don’t have every single ingredient for a recipe, I’ll defer eating…or run out to a restaurant!

Please note I said “recovering.” So when I got hungry this morning and went to the fridge, and the main ingredient staring back at me was tofu.

Tofu for breakfast? Does that sound good to you? I have to admit it made me a bit uncomfortable to think of eating tofu for my first meal of the day.

I accepted that feeling…and went for it; decided to create my own recipe. I like to cook, and I added ingredients I thought might substitute for eggs. It was amazing–a little browned, crunchy on the outside–totally delicious!

You know what? There’s more than one way to accomplish a task. You can even surprise and impress yourself with the end result by stepping out of your routine.

“Get up and Go Eggless Breakfast”

Firm tofu, cut into cubes and drained of water

Little bit of real butter

Little bit of extra virgin olive oil

Chopped white onion

A few leaves of spinach

An ounce of reduced fat medium sharp cheddar cheese

Heat a sauce pan with the butter and olive oil. Saute the onion till clear. Add the tofu. Moosh it with a fork while it’s cooking, and let it get brown and crunchy on the outside. Add the spinach leaves and cover the pan till they wilt (this happens fast). Plate the dish and garnish with the cheese. Mmm. Mmm.