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UncategorizedFebruary 23, 2012

You are like a house

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You are like a house. Not really, but sort of.

What I mean is, when you own a house, you’ve got to own all of it: The damaged roof, the leaky water heater, scheduling the cleaning company. Unfortunately, if we don’t take care of little problems, they turn into great big, expensive troubles.

Same in life…only reversed.

Raise your hand if you’re very good at taking ownership of all the crappy things you’ve done. I know I am. For example, I’m selfish. I procrastinate. Sometimes, I’m not a nice person. The negatives are easy to own.

But what about owning your gifts? Did you know you’re actually more selfish when you don’t take responsibility and own the amazing parts of you, too? Not only do you deprive yourself, you deprive the important people in your life from really connecting with you and supporting you. God has given each of us a skill set and a talent–own that, too!

Before I wrote this message, Posterous, a client called me to say, “Vasavi, I want to tell you 2 things. First, thank you so much for coming into my life. I love God because he put me into your life. Second, I’m so honored to be working with you.”

And you know what? It was hard for me to swallow that praise–I’m not even going to lie. But I recovered (!) I thought, “Vasavi, you must own that. It’s also who you are. You have so much love to give…that’s why you became a coach!”

Ownership is the “O” in my S.O.U.R.C.E. of Your Success coaching philosophy. When we own the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, we step into our humanity…and discover our real passion in life!



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  1. jared says:

    Great insight. “Did you know you’re actually more selfish when you don’t take responsibility and own the amazing parts of you, too?” It is selfish, we’re robbing the person of the wonderful feeling of giving and making it about us.

    When I first started this journey of self-discover back in 2006, I had a mentor who suggested that in my new job I just started, to go around and introduce myself to three new people in my office each day. I responded with, “That’s not like me, didn’t I tell you I was shy?” His response, “Jared, it’s not about you.”

    It was the first time I was exposed to the idea that shyness is a form of narcissism. I’m making everything about me. People often associate narcissist with bad people, but that’s not the case. I just simply didn’t know any other way to live. Everything was from a perspective of “what’s in it for me.” I like to say I was a romantic narcissist.

    After I was going through this transformation for a while, I had a friend call me up and share that she’d just regained hearing in one of her ears that she’d lost several years earlier. It was a miracle. I remember feeling this deep, intense, joy and happiness for this person. It seems insignificant, but for me at the time it was huge. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before; real joy for someone’s else and their good fortune. A stark contrast to how I used to be, before I would have been like “that’s cool, good for you.”

    I love the idea that we’re all waiting for what YOU have to share with the world. Good stuff.

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