How Do You Define Success?

When you think of success, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? A job promotion? Finally being able to purchase that much sought-after house on the hill? Adding another zero onto the end of your salary?

While we tend to classify all of these things as indicative mile-markers, it’s important to keep in mind that these achievements will not be vital at the end of our lives. As Darren Hardy of SUCCESS magazine explained in this month’s issue, success itself is not fulfilling unless it is accompanied by significance. When are lives show evidence of both success and significance, we will, in some way, have had a positive impact on others.

Hardy writes that successful people are those who excel in five areas of life: business, overall well-being, personal relationships, wealth, and contribution. He defines this as “whole-life success” because those who achieve it also attain lives of significance. When we reach the point in our lives when these five aspects are in harmony, genuine satisfaction will be ours.

To take a holistic approach to living successfully and significantly, step back and consider whether or not you are consistently satisfied with all aspects of your life. Are you filled up? Is your tank full? Or do you constantly find yourself discontent in some way and wanting more?

If you find yourself stuck and feeling like a rat caught running on a wheel, consider this the perfect opportunity to begin making meaningful changes in your life. To begin, take baby steps. Consider hiring a life coach to serve as an endless source of support throughout this important process. Next, identify the ways that you are successful right now in your own life and use these as building blocks. Then embrace these areas and find ways to translate this success into the parts of your life that you feel are lacking. While doing so, keep the end goal in mind—an all-around successful, significant life that you can look back on and be truly content with.