Fall In Love… with YOURSELF! For FREE!

You are cordially invited to the first in a series of 5 tele-workshops on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 10:00am CDT. These weekly one-hour workshops are actually group coaching sessions.  And they are FREE!  I am so passionate about using a love for self as “fuel” to become a better, efficient, less stressed-out and more loving YOU!

The workshop is called “Rising In Love With Yourself:  5 Hours to Spice Up Your Love Life” and you must believe that you owe it to yourself to look inward and take care of YOU- for at least one hour each week!

I wrote in an earlier post how women tend to neglect themselves and their wants and needs; simply because they are too busy doing for others.  This is something you can do for yourself (and for those closest to you!) that lasts for one hour.  The workshop dates are as follows:  April 14, April 21, April 28, May 5 and May 12.  You can register by clicking here. There is a call-in number and participant access code for your use.

In Session #1 participants will uncover ways to relate to their feelings and emotions in a trusting and non-judgmental way. When you begin to trust even the “bad”,  forbidden or “un-feelable” emotions, obstacles turn into openings, darkness into light, stress and tension into powerful ways of choosing what you want MORE of in your life. Participants will identify ways to stop the self-sabotage and create a shift from the predictable “negative talk” that keeps them stagnant.  You will learn to use PLAY and JOY as a source of love for yourself!

This workshop will help clear away barriers to action.

This workshop will help you feel your inner truth.

This workshop will allow you to move throughout life in a strong, effective and loving way!!

Now really…what do you have to lose???  An hour dedicated to YOU?

*image courtesy of qthomasbower / creative commons