you matter.

you can be one of two ways.

either you are alive. or you are numb.

either you are here to contribute and serve. or you are here to take.

either you get it. or you don’t.

either you have a passion. or you are the walking dead.

the mere fact that you are the result of the life force of the Universe means one thing:

you matter.

i would rather spend my time focusing on the people who are alive, who are here to contribute, who get it, and who have a passion.

some would call that mean.

I call it focusing my attention on where i want my energy to go.

energy grows where energy flows.

so call me mean. but my time here on earth is a privilege.

i’m not in the practice of trying to convince you that your life matters.

the fact that you are here is proof enough don’t you think?

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