Are YOU a Control Freak? There is hope for taming the freak in you!

Is it possible to dial down the control (“tame your inner freak”) while maintaining the high performance standards you’ve set for yourself…without losing power? YOU BET!!!

You might be a control freak if…

  • you assume control of all situations
  • you find yourself telling others what to do (“It’s my way or the highway”)
  • you stress out at the impossibility of trying to accomplish perfection
  • you try to control things you have no control over
  • you hesitate delegating work or tasks to others, mainly because…
  • you feel that nobody can do it as good as you can

So, what can you do to tame your inner control freak and remove a little stress from your life?  For starters, acknowledge that you like to be in control, and yes, you are successful.  You do have successful outcomes.  You are probably even a top performer at your organization or company.  But sometimes, these controlling tendencies can cause resentment within your peer group.

Next, work to acknowledge and be accepting of the fact that not everyone else may be as performance-oriented as you are. Are your peers hard workers?  Absolutely.  But different people measure success in different ways.  For some, success at work comes from doing what they’re told and not rocking the boat.  Others never want to be put in the position of managing others.  This is OK!

According to Cheryl Cran, author of The Control Freak Revolution, “Some people mistakenly equate giving up control with giving up power, but you gain more power when you focus on what you can control,” she says. “Plus, you become resentful when you do everything, and it starts to affect your professional and personal success.”

Remember…giving up some control doesn’t mean you are giving up power.  You are working smarter and channeling your energies into things you CAN control.  This will lead to a more relaxed, less stressed you.  And who doesn’t want that?